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"The employer does not have a store."

Translation:Der Arbeitgeber hat keinen Laden.

April 1, 2013



Could someone tell me why "Die Arbeitgeberin hat keine Geschaft" not accepted/correct? Thank you

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Can someone tell me what is the difference between Arbeitgeber and Arbeitsgeber ? Thank you.


Actually, the only correct word is "Arbeitgeber/in".

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Thank you Germandy. Google Translate is misleading me by saying that Arbeitgeber means employer, and Arbetisgeber means employers.


Shouldnt Chef also be accepted as a synonym for Arbeitgeber?


While boss and employer have some overlap, they're two distinct words. For example if you work in a large company, you might have a manager, who has a manager, who has a manager, all the way up to the CEO. Each manager would be considered the previous' boss, but not their employer


It gives Laden as an option for store but it only accepts Geschaft


Strange! I wrote "Der Arbeitgeber hat keines Geschäft" but it was not accepted! (June 1, 2019.) Instead it offered as correct "Der Arbeitgeber hat keinen Laden".


I think it should be "kein Geschäft" rather than "keines Geschäft" - that could be your error. (1st June 2021) I wrote "keine Geschäft", mistaking it for a feminine noun, and was also marked wrong - it's grammatically incorrect, not necessarily the wrong word.


Isnt Arbeitgeberen plural?


The answer I selected is one of the "correct solutions".


When you click on 'the', why does it suggest 'die' first when it should be 'der'


Shouldnt the sentence Der Arbeitgeber hat keinen Speicher. be acceptable for Der Arbeitgeber hat keinen Laden.


I wrote "Der Arbeitgeber hat keines Geschäft". Is it not acceptable? I am reporting it.

I was reading here about the differences between store and shop (focusing on Am En) and here between Laden und Geschäft, and I don't see why Geschäft should not be accepted.

[deactivated user]

    It is kein Geschäft


    Geschaft and Laden are the same thing

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