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When to use 'ja'......

Sometimes a 'ja' gets thrown into a German sentence. Can anyone tell me how to use it and what it means? Danke!

October 2, 2018



It is used in a similar way to "you know":

Morgen gehe ich ja ins Kino.

Tomorrow I'm going to the movies you know.

It often identifies statements that are actually already known.

In addition, as mentioned in other comments, the word appears in sentences that are intended to highlight a particular statement. For example, in

Das ist ja toll!

That's great!

In this sentence, by the way, the emphasis is on "Das". Depending on the situation, this sentence construction can even express surprise:

Das ist ja (or "aber") toll! (Hätte ich nicht gedacht.)

That's great! (I wouldn't have thought so.)


Interessant Andman - danke!


Is this text looking frightfully small, or is it just me?


You mean something like "Das ist ja sehr interessant" or "Das habe ich mir ja schon gedacht." This is called Modalpartikel in German, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modal_particle and it expresses how the speaker thinks about a certain statement.


Okay, okay...Danke everyone! You've been very kind in responding. We'd better end this discussion now. All the best with your German! ♡♡♡


I have been also very confused by this to.


It is like "YES" or "OK" in English.


Danke shaikGafoo! Es it jetzt mir klar....Alles Gute! ♡


I wanna know too
i heard that they use it as the meaning of "just" and "so"
but i still dont know


it's just a stronger affirmation of a statement. eg. "Das ist gut" or "Das ist ja gut" or even stronger "Das ist ja schon sehr gut"


That's a good way of remembering it! Vielen Dank! :)

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