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drag and drop

I would love the ability to drag and drop in exercises where you have to click on words to place them in a sentence above. It's maddening to get to the end of a long sentence and realize that you've missed 'muy' near the beginning and have to remove every word rather than dragging and dropping it into place. Or am I missing the way to do this?

October 2, 2018



yeah, i have thought the same. like in busuu i think you can drag and drop and move things around.

especially for long sentences :D


Yes! Especially on a tiny phone screen where you think you clicked a specific word and don't realize until far into a long sentence that you accidentally clicked its neighbor.


If you're on a computer you can click the "USE KEYBOARD" button underneath the boxes, and you can just type it out and click when you miss a word. BTW, ifelicitaciones por casi conseguir su oro en su árbol!


My girlfriend seems to be able to do that on her apple but I can't on my Samsung. I'm super jealous.


You can do this on iOS but not on the website, and I agree, it's quite annoying.


I can do it on my iphone.


The iOS app allows this, but it has other shortcomings, like the health thing unless you have plus, no access to the discussion board.


i agree also, it would make things so much better, and i hate the ones you have to type out and you get it wrong because you left out one letter :3


I hate it too, but I have come to the realization that people, if they chose, can excel in the course by copying the text some where, then dragging and dropping. It's a pain, and I have tried to do it myself, but i believe it is for our benefit.

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