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  5. "É um excelente casal."

"É um excelente casal."

Translation:It is an excellent couple.

April 1, 2013



"It is an excellent couple"? Not "it" but "they are" surely, as a pair, i.e. two, make a couple. We just wouldn't say "it is an excellent couple" in English. It sounds wrong, at least to my ears. As for "that is an excellent couple" there was no sense of that in the Portuguese sentence, either, esse or aquele.


My answer: "They are an excellent couple" was accepted. In Portuguese, one would not say "eles são um casal excelente" since "casal" is singular.


I agree. I initally tried "It is an excellent pair," which I thought could refer to say, a food-wine pairing or fashionable outfit pairing, which would make much more sense to me than referring to a couple of people as "it."


Um casal is a "male-female" pair. Like wife and husband. Romeo and Juliet. Male and female pair of cats, dogs, birds.....


So one cannot use it about a same-sex couple or a couple of friends?


Not friends.

Now, in a same-sex love couple, you would probably still use "casal".


In Brazil it's very common to say "Eles têm um casal [de filhos]" (They have two kids: a boy and a girl) and "casal gay".

I thought better and "casal de amigos" is also common.


May an example would be like carrots and mashed potatoes. Would that be correct?


I believe "casal", as its relationship to the word "casar" (to marry) makes clear, is usually associated with a courting or married couple [Edit: that's not correct it seems - see Ruama's comment]. A couple of things can be described using "(um) par". Probably the best word for your example is "combinação" (combination).


Figuratively, casal could be used for that.

And, my bad, @Ruama is right there.


Ah, but mashed potatoes and carrots aren't lovers, that's boiled beef and carrots. :-)



Yes you can use "it" for a couple. "They" is most common and refers to two people working well together as a couple. "It" can be used when you refer to a couple as a single whole, though you're more likely to use "this is". "Do you see the Smiths over there? It is an excellent couple to observe as an example to others!". "I present to you the Smiths. This is the couple that made me believe in everlasting love being possible".


Inshadeone, where do you live that using it to describe a couple in the context you did would be acceptable? Everywhere I have been the correct conversation would be "Do you see the Smiths over there? They are an excellent couple to observe as an example to others!" I would like to know where in the world your example is considered correct?


No native speaker of English would ever say that.




DUO accepts "they"...."They" is a translation...."It" is a transliteration"


We would say they are an excellent couple in English this isn't correct English


typo in the English indefinite article (a great not an great)


We would never say "it is an excellent couple" in english. It's "they are"


What about: "They are an excellent match"?


I put "they are an excellent couple" and it was accepted.


why is "you are" not accepted ?


I believe it's wrong, unless you turn it into something like "you (two) make an excellent couple".

  • (você) é excelente casal (but a single person does not make a couple)
  • (vocês) são excelente casal (with são and also with a plural for a group which is not correct unlike in [British] English)


Surely, they are an excellent couple? We would NEVER say IT is an excellent couple in English. Very bad grammar!

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