"We start the school in July."

Translation:Kami masuk sekolah di bulan Juli.

October 2, 2018

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If this means that we start attending school in July there should be no 'the'. It should be 'we start school'. 'We start the school' means we are setting up a completely new school in July.


Yes that's right, that's the meaning of the Indonesian sentence "kami masuk sekolah" (start attending school).

When translating the Indonesian sentence to English, "we start school" is accepted.

I don't want to change the current English sentence, because I'm not sure if it will affect the other lessons in the skill.


But this is almost a guaranteed miss if you see the english version and are asked to translate it to Indonesian before seeing it the other way. A native English speaker is going to be confused. I was.


'We start school in July' is the translation of the Indonesian sentence.

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