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Wuxia Chinese Club. Join to battle Chinese and have fun.

As many others I used to be a member of some random Chinese club. At first at least half of the 50 members were active but as time went by less and less people were gaining XPs. Last week I was the only member with not zero total for the week. It's really no fun.

That's why today I created my Wuxia Chinese Club. Wuxia is a martial art hero in Chinese, so I invite you to the battlefield of the Chinese language to gain experience and skills. Heroes are not suppose to slack too much, that's why you have to make at least 50 XP per week to stay valiant member of the club. If you are not scared to face the challenge, please, join.

Club code 33H3B3

October 2, 2018



This sounds fun, I'm actually Chinese myself- ignore my Chinese level- I live in England though and was born here. My parents are both Chinese and I've been going to a Chinese school for about 6 years now. I'm fluent in my English as well, of course. I'll join this club and help out :) And what is the club code for?


The club code is for joining the club via the mobile app :) IIRC you go into the "clubs" button (shield one?), and press the button that says "join via code" or something similiar :3


I'm desperately looking for someone fluent in Chinese to help me out with questions that are constantly popping out. Can you, please, help me out at least with some of them? I wanted to leave my email but it's prohibited by the site rules. Please, come to our Duolingo - practice Chinese discord server https://discord.gg/A3pDJdR


hi... I am from HK and I'd be glad to help out . but , I can't get onto whatsapp . I'll keep trying to go on whatsapp


I'd love to join. I'm chinese too.


Interesting! I love the Chinese language and I think this club could motivate me when I really cannnot convince myself to do anything. I have a question though. There are days when I focus on other languages than Chinese here on Duolingo. Does the XP gained still count?


I'm not 100% sure, but I think that club XPs are counted separetely for each language. The club is focused on one language so it's logical if XPs are for that language only.


I could not know, I have never been in a club. How strict are the requirements? Assuming it is like you said, would I have to achieve XP every day, or can I take a few days for other languages as well?


If you can manage to make at least 50XP of Chinese a week, we would be glad to see you among us.


Your XP must be completed in Chinese in order to count in the Chinese club. Otherwise, they will count towards your overall DL total, but not in that club.


can any one show me how to enter this club i am using the pc version


Alas, there's no clubs in PC version. I had to use nox smartphone emulator for PC and install guolingo on it just to use clubs on PC.


Just joined, seems like a great idea!


Hurrah! Welcome, I hope you stay for good.


I'm up for the challenge. Just started Chinese a few weeks ago but have been focusing more on Spanish. I think I can do at least 50 XP a week. I'm not sure how the club concept works but I'll check out messages and figure it out. I lived in SEA Asia for 14 years and can function in Thai but Chinese is far more challenging


The same is for me - my club is over... 2-3 active members. I'll try to go in yours


I just joined, I am looking forward to some friendly competition :-)


All sounds too complicated for me. I am getting nowhere withy Chinese, despite living in Hong Kong. I can't even strike up a simple conversation here. Whereas I loved learning and speaking Japanese in Japan just two weeks ago, and even practice my Kiswahili and Bahasa Indonesian in Hong Kong, or my Portuguese in Macau.


Hong Kong is cantonese, not mandarin, which duolingo teaches. Sorry to inform you


I know, thats half of my problem.


in HK , we learn both Cantonese and Mandarin . I know that Duolingo teaches mandarin , but thanks !!


I'm also in HK, trying to learn Mandarin and although the characters are different (traditional rather than simplified) I'm starting to recognise a few while I'm out and about!

Also, my club is happy to accept active new members!



Club is full already, nooooooooo


Please, just try again on Monday. Currently from 50 club members only 27 have none zero XP. Every Sunday night I expell everyone who has earned less than 50 XP during the week.


Alright I'm in!


How is this going for you and your group? Do you have room currently?


We are doing just fine. You can try to join the club on every Sunday after 9p.m. UTC and approximately till the Monday noon because every week we have some people who fail to gain 50XP and new people come and join.

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