"Maaf, aku tidak punya ingatan apapun tentang kamu."

Translation:Sorry, I do not have any memories about you.

October 2, 2018

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What a lovely phrase! I am assuming it is apologizing for not recognizing someone? May I suggest: "sorry, I do not have any memory of you" as a more natural phrasing for this usage.

I would definitely use "I do not have any memories of X" but that would tend to be for a past event or a person referred to but not present (ex. I do not have any memories of that trip, or I do not have any memories of my grandmother.)


"Excuse me I don't remember anything about you" should be OK


How can you argue with a digital device


Apologies you should also get accepted


Would "sorry I don't have memories of anything about you" also be a direct if not awkward translation?

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