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  5. "She has more money than you."

"She has more money than you."

Translation:उसके पास तुमसे ज़्यादा पैसे हैं।

October 2, 2018



i used aur instead of zyaadaa and got wrong. is that really wrong? what's the difference between aur and zyaadaa?


My understanding of the difference between और and ज़्यादा is as follows: ज़्यादा is used when you compare two things "more than" , as is in the example above (She has more money than you". ) While और is used to say more of something, such as I want more books (मुझे और किताबें चाहिए); Here is another example from Duolingo "उन्हें और सेब दो" - Give him more apples".


Dear Vargasjuk, please ignore my lame explanation above. After a couple of exercises, I came across an excellent explanation by a participant whose name is Zesul. You might have seen it too.


Wish i knew how to find this explanation. Can you help?


I also need to read Zesul's explanation of when to use aur and zyaadaa.


U really should have wrote it here man....


Ok so I think if it is a comparison or could be a comparison (like you could compound the sentence with "than"), then it is ज़्यादा, all other cases is और. (Like I want more food)


How incredibly unhelpful.

"I found an amazing answer somewhere here in Duolingo… you really should find it…"



Finally someone explained it, thanks


What about the word order? I wrote उसके पास ज़्यादा पैसे तुमसे हैं. Is that really wrong?

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