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  5. "jIwuQqa'."


Translation:I have a headache again.

October 2, 2018



It marked "I've got a headache again" as incorrect. My guess is that the sentence was interpreted as being in present perfect tense, but given no one I know says, "I have a headache", is there a way of treating "I've got" as "I have"?


"Have got" is terrible English, but it is very common and so considered grammatically acceptable. Thus I have added it to the translations. Everyone I know says, "I have a headache." I keep having to remind myself that I'm supposed to be teaching "proper" Klingon, not "proper" US English.


Have got is perfectly good English. I find it astonishing that anyone would consider I've got a headache somehow inferior to I have a headache. I can't even begin to consider whether people around me say one or the other, that's how unremarkable I've got a headache is.


Thanks. Maybe "have got" is more common in the UK, where I live.


I believe it is. But you will hear it in the US as well.

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