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Is there a difference between "Żywność" and "Jedzenie?"

I recently encountered a lesson asking me to write out "food" in Polish and, being the forgetful fella that I am, I put down a random letter to get the answer because my mind drew a blank. Now comes the question of the difference between the previously unencountered answer "Żywność" and the, seemingly normal, answer "Jedzenie." If you all could give an answer, it would be appreciated!

October 2, 2018



I would say that "jedzenie" is a food ready to eat. "Żywność" is more general term, you will have here a typical grocery shop items such as pasta, rice, apples, breads (some of them are ready to eat, some are not)

You may say that "I am buying food in grocery shop" (Kupuję żywność w sklepie spożywczynym) but "I am buying food in a restaurant" and this will be "Kupuję jedznei w restauracji" "Jedzenie" is always ready to eat. "Żywność" might be


"Żywność" is a word I often use when I'm buying grocaries, than to describe what I'm eating or cooking. Also "zdrowa żywność" means healthy food, "niezdrowa żywność" - junky food, etc. this kind of phrases. "Jedzenie" is more general word. You can buy it ("kupić jedzenie") or eat it ("jeść jedzenie" - althought this one is really strange, it's like saying sound sounds), or cook it ('gotować jedzenie").


The simplest explanation is this: Żywność is a product to eat. Jedzenie is food to eat. There is only one noun in English: food. In German there are two nouns: Lebensmittel and Essen.

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