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  5. "Mereka makan semua makanan."

"Mereka makan semua makanan."

Translation:They eat all food.

October 2, 2018



I am not a native English speaker, but wouldn't "They eat all food" have a very different meaning from "They eat all the food"? If that's the case, which one is correct and which one is incorrect?


They eat all food would not be used in american english. " They all of the food"


I guess it not an easy task for duo lingo to be perfect but maybe it's just a typo, it's easy to do.


I have used the translation "They ate all the dishes.", and it was rejected. I have made a report to be added.

Translations suggested by Duolingo:

They eat all food.

They ate all food.

Hints suggested for "makanan":

  • food
  • dish
  • meal

The translation "dishes" is lacking. Reported.


It should be" they eat all the food.


what does this sentence really mean? "they eat all of the food" (that's available), or "they eat all kind food"

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