"Apakah kamu bisa membacakan suratnya?"

Translation:Can you read out the letter?

October 3, 2018

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Does this mean read out loud? I've never seen "read out" before and I'm a native English speaker. We generally say "read out loud"


As in "she read out the instructions on the label"?


True, but it does sound kind of weird when you're talking about a letter.


totally agree.


I am also a native English speaker, and I would be more likely to say "Read it out for me" than I would "Read it out loud for me". The "loud" is redundant, when you're asking someone to read it out - they can hardly read it out silently, can they!


As a command, the proper phrasing is "read out loud". As a description of something that happen, the proper phrasing is "read out".

Can you read out loud the letter? -VS- He read out the letter.


The word 'loud' is correct but not necessary. "Can you read it (out) for me" (or "to me") is probably more natural than "out loud", because if you're doing it for another, non-telepathic, person, it is redundant to mention that it should be out loud.

A command to a child would be more likely to include the word 'loud', because we are specifying whether we wish them to read silently or out loud.

It is also correct as a simple statement to say "He read the letter out loud". There is no difference in usage between the command and the statement.

BTW The word order should be "Can you read the letter out loud". We would never say "read out loud the letter".

"He read out the letter" is correct. "He read the letter out" is also correct.


If the meaning of "membacakan" is "read aloud to other people", the translation should usually be "read out" rather than just "read".

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