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"Apakah kamu bisa membawakan dan membacakan suratnya untukku?"

Translation:Can you bring and read the letter for me?

October 3, 2018



If the meaning of "membacakan" is "read aloud to other people", the translation should usually be "read out" rather than just "read".


Halo teman! I think yes. Perhaps, this can also be translated as "Can you bring and read me the letter?", so that it is important to show the speaker can listen to the reading. :)


This is not an English sentence. It should say: 'Can you bring the letter and read it to me?'


People who made the indonesian course are prolly not native English speakers so they made so mistakes here and there. As a non-english speaker it will affect the way I communicate in English but whatever.. They provided a great course otherwise !


That guy speaks sooo fast omg


In polite english there is a need for 'can' and 'would'. Yes you 'can' always do something but that does not mean you will! Use of the word 'would' secure agreement to do something.

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