"Possiamo veramente vincere questo!"

Translation:We can really win this!

April 1, 2013

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I find it difficult to see how this sentence fits in with being imperative. Even more so when I look up potere in my verb book and find there is no imperative given for the verb. Any help much appreciated.


Yeah, it wouldn't make sense to command someone to be able to do something; this is a simple present.


Good catch! Keep in mind that sometimes while learning one skill you may be presented with something you've already learned in another skill just to refresh your memory.


Aww - not fair! If I go to a sweet shop I want to buy sweets, not potatoes. If I'm in the imperative department I want to learn imperatives ;)


I think it might make sense in the imperitive, as in: "May we truly win this!"

Not sure if the grammer allows this translation, but I'm going to suggest it and see.

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