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"He drinks the milk and eats the bread."

Translation:Dia meminum susu dan makan roti.

October 3, 2018



What exactly is the semantic/pragmatic difference between "makan" and "memakan"?


If you find this out please let me know as well! I’m a nuance enthusiast


Why of the two verbs only one has "me" ("meminum") and not "makan"? Are these variations acceptable: - "Dia minum susu dan makan roti" - "Dia meminum susu dan memakan roti" - "Dia minum susu dan memakan roti" ?


Why is it meminum but also not memakan ?


Halo teman! Both forms of verbs can be perfectly used in colloquial speech by the same speaker, and they are not necessarily intended to be used as informal and formal. Grammatically, the form "memakan" represents the active verb, and "makan" is the root verb.

Selamat belajar! :)


What do you mean with the root of the verb?


So, should "Dia meminum susu dan memakan roti." also be an acceptable answer then? Terima kasih!


Question the use of nya

Dia meminum susunya Dan makan rotinya

Is adding the nya to the end of susu and roti not necessry? Appreciate any advice on this

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