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"Apa yang diperoleh kucing itu?"

Translation:What is obtained by that cat?

October 3, 2018



I have used the translation "Apa yang diperoleh kucing itu?" in the listening exercise and it was accepted. However, the voice said "Apalagi yang diperoleh kucing itu?", so I have sent a report to be fixed.

Edit: I have used the translation "What was caught by the cat?", and it was rejected. I have made a report to be added.

Sentence suggested by Duolingo:

What is caught by that cat?

Hints suggested for "diperoleh" and "itu":


  • be gotten


  • that
  • it
  • it's

The translations "was caught", "is caught", "the", "those" are missing. Reported.

Edit 2: I have used the translation "What is caught by those cats?", and it was rejected. I have made a report to be added.


Agree, a literal translation of "diperoleh" in this case doesn't really convey the meaning.


caught literally translates to ditangkap/menangkap. the translation between "diperoleh" (received, obtained) and "caught" conveys little correlation unless THERE IS context to back it up (that the cat has caught smth), in which the usage of "diperoleh" in the og sentence would turn out to be less appropriate. did the sentence disclose anywhere that the cat has caught anything? renungkan the answer yourself my mamang :) renungkannnn


Thank you very much i thought also cats catch rather than obtain


catch would translate to tangkap. the usage of obtain(ed) is already correct in this answer


my undivided love and affection


"what did that cat get" should likely be accepted as well


... and "What has that cat got" which is a common question to arise when there are noises under the bed.


How about "What did that cat catch”?


I think got is best. The cat may have a ball of string rather than a small creature. I can't imagine obtained ever sounding fluent.

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