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"Saya tiba dengan sepeda motor."

Translation:I arrive with a motorcycle.

October 3, 2018



Would this not make better sense as "I arrive ON a motorcycle / motorbike" or is the meaning different? If "I arrive WITH a motorcycle", you would think that the person didn't arrive actually riding it.


Aha..okay..so this only makes sense if you're arriving using an "ojek" (motorcycle taxi).

How would you say it in English if you're actually riding the motorbike yourself ?
"I arrive with a motorbike"
"I arrive on a motorbike"
"I arrive by motorbike"


If you were riding the motorbike, it would sound more natural to say "on a" or "by". Saying you arrive "with" is mostly used for things (or people) that you have brought with you. Arriving to a party with cake, or with a friend, for example. The difference is specifying the method (of transport, in this case) versus specifying possession.

If you say you arrive with a motorbike, it's not clear that you rode the bike there. So the person you are talking to could reasonably follow up with the question: "did you ride it here?"

You could also say that you arrived with eight motorbikes - they could just all be inside a larger vehicle.


Thank you for the explanation.
It's added to the list of accepted answers.
The next time you see this sentence, you can translate it using :
"on a motorbike" or "by motorbike".

If you see other awkward/incorrect English sentences, please submit a report and leave a comment in the sentence discussion.
That makes the update easier.


I agree "I arrive on a motorcylce" is how one would say it in English. Similarly, "I arrive in a car" or "I arrive on a train" etc.


I came by motorcycle should be accpeted


The answer does not make sense in English

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