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  5. "DIvI' Hol tlhIngan Hol je"

"DIvI' Hol tlhIngan Hol je"

Translation:English and Klingon

October 3, 2018



I answered "Federation standard and Klingon language" and it was marked as incorrect.


We accept "Klingon" and we accept "the Klingon language", but we do not accept "Klingon language".


there is no option to add an article with this question and answer


"English and Klingon" is the default translation and needs no article.

You do need an article if you use "language", e.g. "the English language and the Klingon language", or "the English and Klingon languages".


I keep typing in "Dlvl' Hol tlhlngan Hol je" and it keeps marking me as wrong despite being the same as the correct answer?


You actually do not have the same answer. The upright letters in the word DIvI' are each capital i, not lower case L, as you have typed. Similarly, though the second letter in tlhIngan is, indeed, a lower case L, the fourth letter is, again, a capital i. Duolingo's font is not very good for Klingon, but if you look closely you can see the difference.
The capital i is completely straight: I
The lower case L has a slight curl at the bottom: l

If you are reading this in an email, you will be seeing your email font, but if you go to Duolingo you'll see what you need to look for.


Didnt mean to click it Do i have to wait the hour ?


That's not a question that's specific to this sentence, so it's better off in the general course forum ( https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/953 ) or the Troubleshooting forum ( https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/647 ).


DIvI' Hol tlhIngan Hol je Klingon Language and English Language I guess this is wrong... XD


That's right, it's wrong. Since English is listed first in the given sentence, it should be listed first in the translation. It doesn't matter much which comes first and the meaning doesn't really change, so it may seem like a lot of guys over nothing. But we want to be careful about teaching when things have to be rearranged and when they don't have to be rearranged. Since they can go in either order in both languages, we ask you to maintain the order in your translation.

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