"Pertahanan mereka diperburuk oleh badai itu."

Translation:Their defense is made worse by that storm.

October 3, 2018

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in Australian English you would say' is worsened' rather than 'made worse'.


Yes. This sentence is odd even for a non native english speaker like me.


Count me in. I'm a Japanese native speaker, but I also found "made worse" awkward.


I wonder why so many Indonesian sentences involve defenses..


Yes I have found that too. It is quite sad. I wish there was more about food and some of the wonders of the country- we could learn about the history of Borobodur, or about the volcanoes, for example.


I have used the translation "Their defense is made worse by that storm.", and it was rejected. I have made a report to be added.

Sentence suggested by Duolingo:

Their defense is made worse by the storm.


Even though it is past sensed we tend to say THE storm and not THAT storm


FYI: I'm taking the reverse tree (English from Indonesian) in parallel with this course (Indonesian from English). The reverse tree constantly translates "itu" as "THE" in the context of possession, or "it is" as for a subject. I've rarely seen "THAT" for "itu" there.


Saat terbaik untuk serang mereka!

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