"Do I need my passport when I go to Slovakia or to Poland?"

Translation:Potřebuju svůj pas, když jedu na Slovensko nebo do Polska?

October 3, 2018

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"Potřebuji pas, když jedu na Slovensko nebo do Polska?" - not accepted. Nearly no one says: "potřebuji svůj pas". It's clear that the passport is mine, it is based on the context of the sentence that the passport should be mine. (Czech native speaker)


Thanks! I came here to ask this


Why is it "Na Slovensko" but "Do Polska"?


I tried the same sentence with "jezdím" instead of "jedu", and it was not accepted. Can you explain why? It is confusing because both thanslate as "go" in english.


I just found out why from another discussion: "jezdím" is used for a repeated, regular action, while "jedu" is for a singular or countable action - as in this sentence.

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