"Právě tam byla otevřena jejich nová kancelář."

Translation:Their new office was just opened there.

October 3, 2018

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Is there a meaningful difference in time between ''Their new office was just opened there'' (proposed answer) and ''Their new office was opened there right now'' (not accepted)?


That is very close, but "just now" or "right now" is "právě teď" for us, not just "právě".


This would be the literal English translation: "Their new office was opened right there". It was accepted, but native English speakers would want to see "right" (prave) included in the translation.


Current translations include "right there," as in your sentence, and "just opened," as in the main translation shown above. So it would seem to me that both interpretations of the Czech are acceptable, though there is clearly a difference in meaning between them on the English side. I can see why your choice might be "right there," but it will be up to the CZ natives on the team to determine whether the main translation should be changed.


The Just reading is more likely. For right there to be understood one would have to stress it in the right way.


If it was "...byla otevřena právě tam." then it would be clearly "right there".

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