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  5. "Sparos bēgra ipradas?"

"Sparos bēgra ipradas?"

Translation:Who is eating the trout?

October 3, 2018



What would be the HV for "Who does the trout eat?". So if the trout is not eaten but the trout himself eats someone...


Was thinking the same


I thought about it again and came to a solution:
-Sparos (nom. sing.) bēgra (acc. plural) ipradas?
-Sparos (acc. sing.) bēgra (nom. plural) ipradis?

So we just need to change ipradas to ipradis, because the trout is plural. But if it would only be one trout, then the two sentences would be identical. So the problem is that both "sparos" and "bēgor" have the same form in nominative and accusative.
With dragons you could differentiate:
-Sparos zaldrīzī ipradas?
-Sparos zaldrīzes ipradas?


I said "a" trout not "the" trout. This language is always very particular when it comes to trout

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