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  5. "Why did you people not come?"

"Why did you people not come?"

Translation:आप लोग क्यों नहीं आये?

October 3, 2018



The English is forcing people to know Indian English too. English doesn't use phrases like "you people" even though the literal translation is aap log.


Why this आयें wasn't accepted? Since the subject आप लोग is a plural one.


Now, I get it. There's no आयें just the only आये which is a masculine plural past verb. Apologies !


The English is wrong again. Please ask a native English speaker to correct the sentences in the app. Thanks!


@Jennie - that would not improve your Hindi, which is why you are on this lesson, I presume. English itself has various nuances, and you cannot claim any particular country to be the "native" anyway. Neighbor vs Neighbour. Local humor (or humour?) which gets missed outside the country / state boundaries etc. If you got the drift of the translation, that is more than enough.


Yes I am here to improve my Hindi but I am not here to downgrade my English speaking skills: which happens when I keep hearing incorrect English


Okay. I respect your choice Hope you will find a great teacher whose Hindi (and more importantly, English) is better than yours. So long, and thanks for the fish. :-)

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