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The new tree. I find it frustrating.

The new tree is very frustrating. I finished the first tree at level 25 , then got about 2/3 of the way trough the second updated tree. Now I am working on the the third updated tree. By the number of mistakes I seem to be making you would think I was a beginner. There are about a third of questions that are marked wrong that I am sure should be right. It is so frustrating. I do not know if the there are too many different grammar lessons all in one lesson or what is going on. Is anyone having the same issues?

October 3, 2018



I'm not on the Staff Tree, but I've been heavily researching the situation the past week and I think you make valid points.

The problem with Duolingo's A/B testing regime is that A (Tree 3) and B (Staff Tree) are so unequal.

Tree 3 may have errors but it is ready for prime time. The errors are few and far between and the wonderful contributors here are slowly rectifying that problem.

Tree 4 on the other hand isn't even ready for alpha time. It doesn't appear to have undergone the most basic of error checking before users were switched to it.

There are input errors which make it impossible to translate exercises (deux instead of douze, quatre-vingt instead of quatre-vingt-sept, etc.) and even audio where the TTS speaker says something completely different to the actual sentence.

To make matters worse, contributors have no access to the tree and staff don't appear to be responding to error reports.

In short, when most organisations conduct A/B testing, the 'A' and the 'B' are of relatively equal quality, but that's not the case here at all. Duolingo have effectively given some users a diamond ring and others a banana.

[deactivated user]

    I don't have this tree, the staff-made tree or whatever they want to call it. It's being A/B tested so only some users got it. I have in the past completed all the volunteer trees--3 different versions--so I sympathize with having to re-do the tree. But I can't speak from personal experience about this version of the tree.

    I have talked to a couple of people on another site away from Duolingo about it--they both got it and fold it error-prone or buggy or something. Whatever is going on with it, they both stopped using Duolingo and are continuing their French studies with other resources. I will say this much: in general, the user response from people trying to use this tree is markedly different from what I have seen over the years with Duolingo courses.

    People just don't seem to having a very positive experience with this tree, but since I haven't tried the tree myself, I can't offer an opinion on why, only that as an observer of people who have used the tree, I get the impression it's not something I would want.


    I've been having real conversations with people on youtube and was understood. But I'd keep screwing up when working through the staff tree. And 90% of the time, it's not my fault but the tree not liking my English (am I trying to learn that or French?), not accepting alternative answers (such as me translating we as on instead of nous) or just plain errors.

    I just got a "pick the correct sentence" question where two were identical but one used the male version (petit) and the other the female (petite). But it was something along the lines of "When I was little", meaning both would be correct depending on the gender of the speaker...but if you chose the one using petit without the e, it's counted as wrong.


    This thread was started ~2 months ago about the staff/contractor tree4: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28295420/Newer-French-Tree


    I have decided to give DL a rest much too frustrating. I will be spending my time studying on closemaster for now. Does anyone know if there are similar changes to the spainish tree? When I get back from my trip to Quebec, I will be resuming my spainish studies. I had be doing the French tree in preparation for my trip to Quebec.


    If you have the most recent Spanish tree that was rolled out, that is the Staff-created tree.

    There was recently a staff-created English for Spanish speakers tree rolled out, too.

    I didn't have many problems with the Spanish tree (I tested out of most of the skills) but the English for Spanish speakers tree is HORRENDOUS towards the bottom.

    It was kind of not great to begin with, but now it's just plain awful. The translations (English) don't match up with the Spanish at all, or just barely. I was not impressed, and it's one of the reasons I've been avoiding Duolingo. The quality has simply vanished.


    Report the problems. Treat it as if it were a beta tree for the time being. The new trees for the more commonly learned languages aren't the same quality as the older trees yet, but I did find that the contributors on the Spanish tree fixed (most) things pretty quickly. It is frustrating.


    Contributors don't have access to the Staff Tree so they cannot correct problems like they do with other trees. That's just one reason it wasn't yet ready for the A/B roll-out.

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