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Translating into Chinese

Anyone else on the app suddenly have many exercises translating from English to Chinese without any word bank option? I have many exercises now where I must write Chinese completely from memory with no Chinese characters to choose from.

October 3, 2018



I've done almost 60 skills up to level 5 and always had a word bank. Having no word bank is difficult for me because the 30 or so skills I have left are all level 1 or 2 in crowns. I got the whole tree to level one, but that was a long time ago. Now I have been going from top down, taking all skills to the maximum level 5. So each skill I do that is only level 1 or 2 is very difficult in the beginning because it was so long ago, and the characters didn't stay long in my memory and my mind needs to reacquaint itself with them again. I'd like to bring every skill to level 5 and then repeat more, again and again. I can recognize SO many characters now and know their meanings, but I don't always remember the pinyin in order to write with a Chinese keyboard.

Note- the last two days it seems the word bank has completely come back. Either way, I really love this language, and easy or hard---I'm doing it!


There are some correct answers for some English-to-Chinese exercises. I have tried doing so, which boosts my morale and learning habits! Even though Duolingo did not recognize some of my correct sentences as the correct answer, I learn a lot from how the team created the exercises!


Did you have the option of a word bank to choose the Chinese words from or only write Chinese from memory?


For this course on Duolingo? Seems like there are no word bank exercises, where you insert the vocabularies or phrases. Most of the time, I write Chinese from memory and also from outside experience (as I have deep exposure to communicating with my family and natives).

I remember there are word bank exercises on Lingodeer in all updated languages.


I think I read in one of the posts that when you get to level five you don't get the word banks anymore. That would make sense. By then we supposedly know the material well enough not to need the word banks anymore. Not sure if this is so, however.


I am struggling with the Chinese as I do not speak to anyone in Mandarin (I live in Hong Kong) and so the tomes don't mean anything. But also the duo lingo course requesting using characters, without them being introduced. I still do not understand what I am actually saying, as in word order. So when faced with providing series of characters and remember I am not Chinese, I have no idea what they actually mean on their own, let alone in combinations. HELP!


Pleco is also a great dictionary app for phones, with example sentences/break downs of the characters into their radicals


I think the chinese is the same too in HK( I am in HK too )

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It happened to me when I was learning another language. I had to switch to Duolingo web. After a short period of time (a couple of weeks as far as I remember), I looked at my app and it was "fixed" by itself. So, if you're still not comfortable with typing Chinese characters but you have to use a mobile device, you can use the browser to access Duolingo. And then check the app periodically to see if the "problem" is gone. Good luck!


I'm not sure, but I believe it has to do with your level on one specific lesson. The more you level up on one lesson, the less help you get. Starting from level 3 (red), it seems that there are almost no word bank anymore.


i have to use the bank :( Got terrible memory


I am doing chinese as well. it is really cool

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