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"Tono bukan anak yang rajin, dia anak yang malas."

Translation:Tono is not a diligent child, he is a lazy child.

October 3, 2018



“Diligent" is not a common word in this context. A more common translation of "rajin" would be "hardworking". Reported.


This sentence assumes that tono is a boy .. nowhere does it actually state that tono is a boy .. surely it should state ..tono bukan laki laki yang rajin ..to actually be correct .. remember this is a basic programme directed at native english speaker who would not necessarily know if tono is a boys name or a girls


Yes, but it is likely that the speaker and the listener know the gender of Tono, so they can omit it from speech.


I thought yang meant "the one" so why is it incorrect to say "Tono is not the diligent child, he's the lazy one" or the lazy child


Run-on sentence. Use a period.

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