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  5. "लड़कियाँ सैंडविच खाती हैं।"

"लड़कियाँ सैंडविच खाती हैं।"

अनुवाद:Girls eat sandwiches.

May 8, 2014

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There is no need of a .


The girls eat a sandwich Why "a" is used here


The usage of articles "a, an ,the" in English follows some basic rules in Grammar. Here is an overview of the usage of articles - Article Explanation. In your sentence, the use of a signifies a single sandwich. If we wish to express that girls can eat any sandwich, we can drop the article.


In that case my answer, "The girls eat sandwich." should also be correct.


whats wrong in sentence "The girls eat sandwich"


For a single countable noun, you need to use an article - a/an or the
a/the sandwich
a/the boy
an/the apple


Girls eat sandwiches

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