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  5. "Co žere mouchy?"

"Co žere mouchy?"

Translation:What eats flies?

October 4, 2018



What do flies eat


I guess you are asking why is that wrong? Perhaps state it more clearly next time ;-)

No, "mouchy" is in accusative here. Also the verb is in singular.


Thanks! I wondered about that, too. Of course the verb would be plural if the flies were doing the eating. Why was I so slow??


This just doesn't make sence. On this stage of learning, please, make it more specific

  • What eats flies? - Co žere mouchy?
  • Spiders eat flies. - Pavouci žerou mouchy.
  • What do flies eat? - Co žerou mouchy?
  • Flies eat sugar. - Mouchy žerou cukr.


What does not make sense? What more specific? Perhaps you want to react to some existing comment on this page?

Please see the answer by endless_sleeper and the Tips and notes about Czech cases and the free word order. Because the verb is singular "žere", it is coupled with a singular subject. Therefore the subject cannot be the flies. If it were "What do flies eat?" it would have to be "Co žerou mouchy?" with a plural verb.

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