"The current era is different."

Translation:Zaman sekarang lain.

October 4, 2018

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'Zaman sekarang berbeda' should be included in the correct translations.


why not 'Zaman ini lain' ?


Lain would be incorrect becuase it means more like "other" , "the other one"


Indonesians would accept ini though in this case.


I got inputs from Indonesian speakers about how to say "current" as an adjective. https://hinative.com/questions/18592077

  • "Zaman yang ada sekarang lain." -- Sounds formal and clearer. At the same time, however, some native speakers found this sentence wordy.

  • "Zaman sekarang lain." -- Sounds informal but a bit ambiguous. It could be either "the era is currently different" or "the current era is different". The former interpretation means that the subject is the past era, and it has changed. The subject of the latter is "the current era". Some native speakers prefer this shorter sentence because they regard "zaman sekarang" as a compound word (not two separate words).

Please also refer to a related sentence discussion: "Apakah sistem yang ada sekarang bekerja?"


Zaman sekarang adalah lain not accepted. Can someone tell me why adalah is wrong in that sentence. I have the adalah woes. lol


Because it is grammatically incorrect, I think. Please review the tips page for the Adjective 1 skill. "Adalah" cannot be followed by an adjective. "Lain" is an adjective.


So not 'masa sekarang'? Perhaps because the present time period is too short for 'masa'? I thought that 'masa' and 'zaman' were more or less interchangeable, but it appears not when we are talking about the 'present time'.

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