"Mengapa kamu mendatangkan dia?"

Translation:Why do you bring him in?

October 4, 2018



From first principles mendatangkan sounds like "datang" = "come" / "datangkan" = "cause something else to come " = "bring" Just want to confirm it doesn't work like that and specifically means "bring inside"

October 4, 2018


It actually works exactly like that : "cause something/someone else to come", "to bring in" , it's a causative verb.

datang = to come.
mendatangkan = to cause someone/something to come.


KBBI has five definitions for this verb.
KBBI also gives an example sentence for each definition to further clarify the meaning.
It's all in Indonesian, but I have (loosely and quickly) translated the definitions and sentences.

mendatangkan/men·da·tang·kan/ v

1 membawa dari tempat lain:
siapa yang mula-mula ~ pohon kina ke Indonesia;

To bring from another place.
Who was it that initially brought in the quinine tree to Indonesia?

2 memasukkan; mengimpor:
pengusaha-pengusaha nasional diberi kesempatan untuk ~ mesin pertanian dari luar negeri;

To bring in, to import.
National businessmen are given the opportunity to import (to bring in) agricultural machines from abroad.

3 memanggil:
mereka ~ ambulans untuk mengangkut korban kecelakaan;

To call, to make it come.
They call the ambulance to carry away the victims of the accident.

4 menyebabkan:
banjir telah ~ kerugian besar;

To cause. The flood has caused a great loss.

5 mengundang untuk diajak bertanding:
persatuan sepak bola Indonesia ~ kesebelasan Brazil;

To invite.
The Indonesian football association invited the Brazilian team.

So, it works exactly like you just mentioned : "to cause something/someone to come", "to bring in".

October 6, 2018
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