"Mengapa kamu mendatangkan dia?"

Translation:Why do you bring him in?

October 4, 2018

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From first principles mendatangkan sounds like "datang" = "come" / "datangkan" = "cause something else to come " = "bring" Just want to confirm it doesn't work like that and specifically means "bring inside"


It actually works exactly like that : "cause something/someone else to come", "to bring in" , it's a causative verb.

datang = to come.
mendatangkan = to cause someone/something to come.


KBBI has five definitions for this verb.
KBBI also gives an example sentence for each definition to further clarify the meaning.
It's all in Indonesian, but I have (loosely and quickly) translated the definitions and sentences.

mendatangkan/men·da·tang·kan/ v

1 membawa dari tempat lain:
siapa yang mula-mula ~ pohon kina ke Indonesia;

To bring from another place.
Who was it that initially brought in the quinine tree to Indonesia?

2 memasukkan; mengimpor:
pengusaha-pengusaha nasional diberi kesempatan untuk ~ mesin pertanian dari luar negeri;

To bring in, to import.
National businessmen are given the opportunity to import (to bring in) agricultural machines from abroad.

3 memanggil:
mereka ~ ambulans untuk mengangkut korban kecelakaan;

To call, to make it come.
They call the ambulance to carry away the victims of the accident.

4 menyebabkan:
banjir telah ~ kerugian besar;

To cause. The flood has caused a great loss.

5 mengundang untuk diajak bertanding:
persatuan sepak bola Indonesia ~ kesebelasan Brazil;

To invite.
The Indonesian football association invited the Brazilian team.

So, it works exactly like you just mentioned : "to cause something/someone to come", "to bring in".


Thanks so much. That means that "Why did you bring him/her." should be the correct solution :)


Hmmm.... I'm not so sure about it, the Indonesian sentence could be like this :
"Mengapa kamu membawa dia?"

Do these sentences have the same meaning ?
"Why did you bring him in?"
"Why did you bring him?"

To me they can have a slightly different meaning.


"Why did you bring him?" is consistent with meanings 1 and 5 of mendatangkan above, whereas "Why did you bring him in" is closer to meaning 2.

So both are correct, but "Why did you bring him." is just the more natural English sentence.


I get the meaning but the English sentence is a real fail


Is it because "bring in" should be only used for non-alive objects but speaking about a person we should use "Why did you take him with you" (Mengapa kamu membawa dia bersamamu?)


Unless talking about law enforcement, maybe? "The police officer brought in the robber." Here, the object is a person.


you may be right, but we really don't use that expression iwhere I live

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