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  5. "वह लड़की कहाँ रहती है?"

"वह लड़की कहाँ रहती है?"

Translation:Where does that girl live?

October 4, 2018



I was given "वह लड़की ____ रहती है?" with the choices "कहाँ", "क्या", "क्यों", which is where, what and why, respectively. Aren't both Why/क्यों and Where/कहाँ appropriate questions for this prompt? e.g. "Why does that girl live" and "Where does that girl live."


The sense of the word 'live' in 'Why does that girl live?' is not encapsulated by the word रहना. You should use जीना instead.
रहना is 'live' as in 'stay' and जीना is 'live' as in 'be alive'.

So, वह लड़की क्यों रहती है doesn't really make any sense if the verb has no object. You'd need something like 'वह लड़की अमरीका में क्यों रहती है (Why does that girl live in the US?).


Dang! You beat me to it.


Ghar se nikalte hi kuch door chalte hi raste me hai uska ghar!


Why not "where does that girl stay"?


I know questions related to Hindi should be asked here. But I am still asking, coz both the translation are from this section. Why "live" in the first sentence and why "lives" in the first sentence? A) Where does that girl live? B) Who lives here?


In the first sentence, we have an auxiliary verb 'does'. This is the verb that needs to be conjugated with the subject ('that girl'). Since the subject is singular, we are using the singular form 'does' and not the plural form 'do'. Due to the presence of the auxiliary, the main verb 'live' doesn't have to be conjugated with the subject (ie, it's always 'live' whatever may be the subject).

To make a very simplistic comparison, consider the sentence 'वे खा रहे है।' Only the auxiliary verb रहना is conjugated with the subject while the main verb remains खा whatever may be the gender and number of the subject.

In the second sentence, 'lives' is the only verb and it is being conjugated as singular.


Why not "Where's that girl live?"


Because it's incorrect English. You're saying: where is that girl live. The English auxiliary verb is 'to do' so the translation is: where does that girl live. (You could have used 'is' if the question had been where is that girl living.) Hope that answers your question ...


Why should i tell you? Shaadi karni hai usse?

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