"Let's take a walk with us."

Translation:Ayo berjalan-jalan bersama kami.

October 4, 2018

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Why I can't use "Mari" instead of "Ayo"

[deactivated user]

    The grammar here needs explaining because "let's do X with us" is not good English grammar. In English you can say "Let us do X" when speaking to people within the group you are addressing, or to someone outside of the group represented by "us" you can say "Come do X with us." These two different constructions is one of the few times English is not ambiguous about whether "us" is inclusive or exclusive.

    But since "let's" is actually a contraction of "let us," the additional "with us" at the end is redundant and confusing to English speakers. So it's very unclear to English speakers why we would need to use "bersama kami" with "ayo" in this sentence. An explanation of the Indonesian grammar would be nice.

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