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  5. "Žofiin pavouk přišel o nohu."

"Žofiin pavouk přišel o nohu."

Translation:Žofie's spider lost his leg.

October 4, 2018



I think spider is feminine so it should be her leg


Is the "its leg" accepted here?


To me it seemed that in English one has to use 'its', not 'his', for all animals. But I looked it up right now and it turns out that when there is a personal relationship, as in 'Zofie's spider', one can indeed use he or she: https://www.writersdigest.com/editor-blogs/questions-and-quandaries/grammar/how-to-handle-animal-pronouns-he-she-or-it.


No, it's masculine.


lost a leg! (otherwise, a spider with one leg...lost her, lost the leg???)


When asking a question, please be clear about what it is. "...lost A leg" is also accepted.


I think he was trying to say that "The spider lost his leg" sounds like he only had one leg.


Ah. In that case: Poor spider, to have lost the only one left of the ... EIGHT... he/she/it (probably) started out with. :-( But Žofie was very kind to provide a loving home.


"Žofie's spider lost his leg” implies that the spider had only one leg. The English would have to read “lost one of his/its legs” or “lost a leg”.


I agree with you on this one. It's already been debated, however without conclusion.

BoneheadBass, do you second this? Or is it a matter of opinion?


Okay, so...

Yes, "lost HIS leg" can be interpreted as losing the only leg he had (left), but I wouldn't say it can mean ONLY that. Given that there are so many of them, it can certainly mean he lost any one.

That said, I tend to favor "lost A leg" for the main translation.

Spoiler Alert: That may open up the potentially two-fer worm can of "It should be HIS leg, because who else's leg could HE possibly lose?!?!?" and/or "We keep hearing that if no possessive is used, the whatever-it-is belongs to the subject, so why is it A leg and not HIS leg?!?!?"

(And this is just one more reason why some people don't like spiders.)

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