"Saya tidak mau digantikan Andi."

Translation:I do not want to be replaced by Andi.

October 4, 2018

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what is the difference between "digantikan oleh Andi" and "digantikan Andi"?


Oleh is more formal and might remove ambiguity in some cases, but it's not necessary. The di- prefix already implies that the verb is done [by] the next noun in the sentence.


"Saya tidak mau digantikan OLEH Andi"


Is Andi the person who will do my job, or is Andi the person who made the decision to replace me?


Oleh is missing....


I don't want to replace Andi? What would this be?


Oh noooo! "Oleh" (by) is often dropped when the agent (doer) is obvious in the sentence. There is no difference between "digantikan Andi" and "digantikan oleh Andi". Why didn't people read the tips about the passive sentence?? We've learned in the early stage. https://www.duolingo.com/skill/id/Di-/tips-and-notes

Andi is the decision-maker who replaces "saya" with someone else or not. Andi is not a candidate for "saya"'s successor. Therefore, the following translations are all incorrect.

"I don't want to be replaced with Andi." -- replaced BY Andi is correct.

"I don't want Andi replaced." -- Andi is not on the verge of replacement. If you want to say so, the sentence should be "Saya tidak mau Andi menjadi digantikan." (literal translation: I do not want Andi to be replaced).

"I don't want to replace Andi." -- "Saya tidak mau menggantikan Andi" is the right translation.


"Why didn't people read the tips about the passive sentence??"

Not an option for those of us learning on the mobile app, at least not on Android (as of 2022.03.05). I check tips before every new section in the Japanese course, but I've never seen any tips at all in the Indonesian course.

Really wish they were made available across the board, instead of limited to certain experiences and devices...


'I did not want to be replaced by Andi' was marked incorrect.


Doesn't it say : 'I don't want Andi replaced'?


And who would want that? If even the guy who leaves his house without his trousers on gets your job, then how bad must you be?

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