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  5. "I also want to know!"

"I also want to know!"

Translation:Je veux aussi savoir !

April 1, 2013



To me, "Je veux savoir aussi" sounds much more correct than the allegedly correct answer "Je veux aussi savoir"


Both are correct.


not according to DUO. only Je veux aussi savoir is correct.


But Duolingo does make lots of errors.


I am inclined to listen to sitesurf, but here I was making a point. If you input the other option, DUO marks you wrong. Jus sayin.


I said that both are correct and I confirm it, on a grammatical standpoint.

But there is a slight shift of meaning if you place the adverb at the end:

  • je veux aussi savoir = others know, so why not me?

  • je veux savoir aussi = I am interested to know about this other thing, on top of what I already know.

Many people would not make the difference and it would need context to evidence that shift.


So essentially you put the adverb immediately after the verb that you want it to modify?


Depending on the nature of the adverb, it can be placed in various positions, but never between the subject and the conjugated verb (exception: stressed pronouns as emphatic subjects).


The about.french page offers another way to use "aussi" - as an emphatic word:

"Eux aussi veulent venir." = "They want to come too."

(Ils turns into a stressed pronoun due to the emphatic word "aussi.")

Could you explain what the difference between using aussi as an adverb and using it as an emphatic word? I would've guessed that the meaning is the same as it is in this exercise.

Source: http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/pronouns_stressed.htm - Part "VII"


"aussi" is an adverb, whatever its placement in the sentence.

"eux aussi veulent venir" means exactly the same thing as "ils veulent venir aussi". The former just emphasizes the subject.

In English, I think that "they also want to come" and "they want to come too/as well" would be used the same way.


What is wrong with connaƮtre?


"connaƮtre" needs an object.


In English there seems to be a difference in the meaning between "I also want to know" and "I want also to know". Are we trying to express "also wanting" or "also knowing"? What are the equivalent sentences in French?


In English, one would not say, "I want also to know". So don't copy the syntax of the French. Understand the meaning and then form the translation in correct and natural French.


I guess my question is poorly asked. There is the meaning of "also wanting" to know and the meaning of wanting "to know also". If my English is bad I am sorry but how would you express both meanings in English (and not split the infinitive) and then both in French. Thank you for your help.


I also want to know = Je veux aussi savoir

I want to know as well/too = Je veux savoir moi aussi.


Can i not use "J'aussi"?


You can't because "aussi" will never be placed after "je". Adverbs can be used in different places but never between the subject and its conjugated verb.

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