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"qegh bIS'ubDaq 'Iw HIq puS tu'lu'."

Translation:There is a little bloodwine at the bottom of the barrel.

October 4, 2018



I put, "A little of bloodwine is found at the bottom of the barrel.", and was marked correct. So if I report that the Klingon sentence is unnatural, does that refer to the question, or the answer?


It doesn't refer to anything. We only get a report that something was unnatural. The report is not helpful in any way. Better to come here and tell us about it. I'll look into it.


Variations had become combined and some of them just used "of", some of them used "of the", and some of them could use either, but they had been combined in such a way that both of those variations we're accepted for all of them. I've split them apart now.


I put, "There is a little bloodwine IN the bottom of the barrel." I'm pretty sure this is a valid translation.


We had hundreds of variations of the translation and many of them had "in", but looking a little closer, I found not only that one, but a few more that were also missing "in" versions. There's now over 750 variations on this one sentence. I hope we have them all now, but I won't be surprised if someone finds some other missing variations some day. When you are getting close to 1,000 variations on one sentence, it's tough to be sure you got them all.

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