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Please stop telling me I'm wrong for using the kanji for わたし

The first kanji I ever learnt was 私, and yet on this course I'm frequently being told it's wrong, Why? Whenever I've read anything in Japanese it is written as 私, I've only ever seen it in hiragana (わたし) in books for young children. I understand many new Japanese learners don't know any kanji, or very few, but some of us have been learning kanji alongside this course and would prefer to use it as much as we can. Please can you change it so that either the kanji or the hiragana would be acceptable no matter where in the course you are, ありがとうございます.

October 4, 2018



Hey there! There's a bug right now, that's hopefully being worked on, where the listening exercises will not accept any other kanji/kana variant than the one considered the "best translation," which is often わたし and not 私。Again, this is a bug and is not intended behavior, so please bear with us while it's being worked on.

For all other exercises, you can hit "my answer should be accepted" whenever this happens. As others have noted, the issue of kanji not being accepted has lessened dramatically in the past year due to our team's collective efforts behind the scenes.


Where is the "my answer should be accepted" button? I don't have it on mine.


It'd be nice if the contributors could improve the kanji options. I recognize that it's hard because some learners only know a few kanji and they shouldn't be punished for that, but inserting the correct kanji should be an option. For me, the words that were half-kanji and half-hiragana were the weirdest.


The super annoying thing about this is that my wife and I also use the computer to type in Japanese for email and other things, and the IME remembers your kanji conversion, so after a while of doing DUO in Japanese and expressly changing the kanji back to katakana, the IME stops converting those words to kanji for you, remembering the kana instead.


I agree. Its especially annoying since the IME keyboard will often go for the kanji automatically.


I haven't run into it not accepting the kanji in a very long time. If you do you can hit the Report button on the question and ask for your answer to be accepted.

Often you can drop the person doing the action entirely if the topic is already understood. Are you using it on questions where the answer it's looking for doesn't even need you to identify that it's you doing the action and therefore hasn't been added to the wordbank? Or do you mean on listening exercises which are known to be weird about what they do or don't accept due to Duo's answer restriction issues? Those you should switch to wordbank or skip since they're so picky about what you can and can't input and there's nothing the contributors can currently do to fix it.


これはひらがなですか、漢字ですか? Is that Hiragana or Kanji... Eh... I don't know the difference yet...


the first sentence you typed is hiragana and the second one is a mixture of hiragana and kanji.


Both actually. "これはひらがなですか” is all hiragana, but the characters after the comma are mixed of hiragana and kanji.


i just joined so i have no clue on wats happenin lel all i know how to say is:1,2,3,4,6,7(no five) and ohayo, yes


I don't think it matters what you use, as long as you use it in the right scenario.


Persona 5. Goodbye.


わたし tends to be written in hiragana because 私 is usually read as わたくし (a formal variant of わたし).


that' sad, but do you need to wait

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