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  5. "I would just ask about it."

"I would just ask about it."

Translation:Ich würde deswegen einfach mal nachfragen.

April 1, 2013



You could also say "Ich würde einfach danach fragen.". It's simple and more natural. In this case, "just" is translated with "einfach" which doesn't exactly take the meaning of "simple" in this case. "danach" isn't used in its temporal form ("after"), but more "literal" as "nach der Sache" = "about the thing" = "about it".


"Ich würde einfach darum nachfragen" doesn't work?


I'm afraid not.


Thanks. But why not? And how do "deswegen" fit into the given English translation? (I'm assuming "mal" is a modal particle here, yes?)


"deswegen" ~ "it" (in this sentence). Yes, "mal" is a modal particle. You can combine "nachfragen" mit "wegen ..." or with a subclause ", ob ..." as in "Ich habe nachgefragt, ob sie Briefmarken verkaufen." - "I asked/inquired whether they sell stamps."


Hi, could you explain how 'deswegen' works in this sentence? I don't think I've ever encountered it and am struggling to understand how it functions as the object in this sentence..... Thanks for your help.


"deswegen" means "wegen dieser Sache" ("because of that matter" ~ "it").


kyky, I meant to reply to your next entry below but we've hit the right margin. You use "because of that matter..." to defend the use of deswegen. However, I see not hint of a "because" in the English. There seems to be nothing conditional about it. What am I missing?


kyky, here I am replying to myself, again to beat the right margins. I have nothing against your translations of deswegen. But if you look at the English equivalents given in dict.cc such as: therefore, hence, because, ..., none of those are in "I would just ask about it." or even suggested by that English sentence.


I wrote: "ich würde darüber nur nachfragen" which was marked as incorrect.

As a correct solution duolingo proposed the same sentence with "halt" instead of "nur".

Is it really not possible to use "nur" in this case ?


'Just' is now translated as 'halt'. So: ich würde halt danach fragen. ' is 'halt' correct? And why can't it be 'nur' ?


How about "Ich würde nur es nachfragen"?


I don’t think that would work. The two dictionaries I checked both have nachfragen only as an intransitive verb, which means it can’t take a direct object.


What is wrong about "ich würde nur um das fragen"


"ich würde einfach danach fragen", seems more acceptable to me based on my current knowledge in German. Could someone explain the usage of deswegen here? Though I know, "wegen etw fragen" is "to ask about something", so grammatically I could formulate, "ich würde einfach deswegen fragen" with a different word order from what is given..!!. Not sure if it makes sense to me, meaningwise.

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