"Good morning, yes."

Translation:Dobré ráno, ano.

10/4/2018, 7:34:39 PM



When would you ever say 'Good morning, yes' in English or Czech?

10/4/2018, 7:34:39 PM


Although I agree with Vlada that this is just a simple combination of some basic phrases for the very beginning of the course, I can imagine the following scenario to illustrate.

Meeting a flatmate in the morning:

  • "Good morning, did you get a good night's sleep?"

  • "Good morning, yes. And you?"

In Czech:

  • "Dobré ráno, vyspal ses dobře?"

  • "Dobré ráno, ano. A ty?"

1/11/2019, 11:09:48 AM

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Do not think about that too much. Just practise a combination of some phrases.

10/4/2018, 9:56:28 PM
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