Duolingo and phone overheating?

For the last three days, my phone has been getting warm when I have duolingo open, and the battery has been draining rapidly.

It's fine when I start the phone, until I open duolingo.

Has anyone else had similar problems? Does anyone have a type of android phone they recommend, which they run duolingo on for more than an hour at a time without problems?

October 4, 2018

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My Samsung phones (newer and older models) behave the same way. So, I don't use my phone for Duolingo anymore, unless I really have to. Please post back if you find a phone that works for you. Good luck!

October 4, 2018

Good news: this problem seems to have gone away.

Last night, my phone was still overheating with duolingo.

After I woke up, duolingo was visually different (frequently showing me detailed ads for duolingo plus features before showing 3rd party ads). It's also entirely stopped overheating my phone.

I'm glad that problem only lasted a few days!

October 6, 2018

Can you close every app except Duolingo and see if that makes a difference? I seldom use the phone app (android) and have not had any problem when I do use it. It is often surprising how many apps can end up running in the background.

October 5, 2018
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How about a different test (but better)?

1.a Power on the phone with all the background apps that is setup with.

2.a Open another app that has Internet access and use it for 5 mins. Result: Phone does not heat up.

Close app. Power down the phone and keep off for at least 10 minutes.

1.b Power up the phone again.

2.b Open Duolingo and use it for 5 mins. Result: Phone heats up.

Repeat sequence several times.

NOTE: of course other apps would heat up the phone as well. The point here is, does Duolingo overheat it more than it should? For a free app, I am not complaining; however, that does not mean that the app is as efficient as it should/could be compared to other free apps!!

BTW, I believe that it misuses the cache as well.

October 6, 2018

Oh, I've run a variation of that test several times. I wouldn't have posted here about it otherwise.

  1. Same.

  2. A variety of apps and idle time, for many hours.

  3. Open duolingo. The phone gets hot enough that it's uncomfortable to have in my pocket, and burns battery life at an absurd rate, within minutes. Closing duolingo does not fix this, but restarting the phone without starting duolingo does.

It's not a subtle problem. I've had this phone for a couple of years, and it has never overheated until this week - it didn't during the first couple of weeks I used the duolingo android app.

October 6, 2018

I have the same problem on Android One+ 2, overheating and draining the battery. It started last week with the latest update. I just hope that the next update will take care of this. I left a comment on Google Play. I recommend to also turn off all push notifications because they will harm your phone even if you don't open the app.

October 14, 2018

It still is a problem, it's even heating more than when i play games, i am a little suspicious that they are mining with our phones.

November 24, 2018
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