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Chinese Stories 3 - A Talking Dog

这是一个好笑的故事。 我觉得中级和菜鸟的学生可以容易地读这个故事没有问题。 请享用


一个销售员要去见客户。但是办公室里只有一只狗在叼着垃圾桶里的东西。销售员心想,这一定是在和我开玩笑。这时狗抬起头,说:“不要惊讶,这也是我的工作。” “不可思议!”销售员叫道。“这不可能!你们老板知道他拥有什么吗!一只会说话的动物!” “不不,”狗哀求道,“千万别说!如果他发现我可以说话,他会让我也去接电话的!”

A Talking Dog

A salesman dropped in to see a business customer. Not a soul was in the office except a big dog emptying wastebaskets. The salesman stared at the animal, wondering if his imagination could be playing tricks on him. The dog looked up and said, “Don't be surprised. This is just part of my job.”

“Incredible!” exclaimed the man. “I can't believe it! Does your boss know what a prize he has in you? An animal that can talk!” “No, no,” pleaded the dog. “Please don't! If he finds out I can talk, he'll make me answer the phone as well!”

October 5, 2018




這個是好笑的故事(Shorter and easier),我感覺中級和初級(菜鸟 is less formal and sounds more harsh to the readers than 初級, which is the most fitting vocabulary)的學生可以沒問題讀書(Without repeating 故事, which is already mentioned, you can shorten that to the compound verb),請享用!

The main issue is to be careful of how you take words from the translators since they do not have an intelligence of a human that can determine better vocabularies and phrasing. Even if the vocabularies have the literal translations, that does not mean all translations are treated equally and are deemed to be interchangeable.

Other than that, another great story from you.




學生可以沒問題讀書 should be changed to學生可以沒問題地阅讀这篇故事

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