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  5. "जूलिया और नेहा सुंदर हैं।"

"जूलिया और नेहा सुंदर हैं।"

Translation:Julia and Neha are beautiful.

October 5, 2018



Aha, so now I know what the name of Google's CEO means!


Is ख़ूबसूरत (خوبصورت) also used in Hindi or is it specific to Urdu (and is सुंदर ever used in Urdu)?


Yes, it is also used in Hindi, and is interchangeable with सुंदर (maybe a little more poetic sounding). I think सुंदर is also used in Urdu, but I can't say for sure.


आपके जवाब के लिए धन्यवाद :)


Yeah, as a native hindi speaker I speak both khoobsurat and sundar . But khoobsurat is taken from a different language and is used as if it is of hindi. There are other words also which are taken from other languages . (ツ)


This marked me wrong for saying 'attractive' instead of 'beautiful' - why?


I was tempted to try "hot" just to see how it would be marked, but I didn't want to break a correct answer streak.


Attractive is आकर्षक (aakarshak) in hindi and beautiful is खूबसूरत or सुंदर in hindi. I hope this helps.


it usually wants the first meaning for the type of case this case was informal


In another question asking for "India has attractive young people" to be translated to Hindi, सुंदर is accepted as the correct choice for "attractive". I would expect "Julia and Neha are attractive" to be an acceptable translation of "जूलिया और नेहा सुंदर हैं।". It was marked wrong.


Is sundhar same for everyone? Where would sundhari be used?


सुंदर is an adjective and is not gendered. It can be used for both men and women.

सुंदरी is a noun and means 'a beautiful lady/girl'. It is not commonly used in Hindi.


Sundari is an ancient word, not used that widely but is mostly names of old people here.

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