"Dia melemparkan bukunya ke saya."

Translation:She throws her book at me.

October 5, 2018

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I think the translation should be: She throws the book to me. (She is not trying to hit me with the book as suggested by 'to throw s.th. at s.b.')


That's my question, actually, because at the moment I can't think of what preposition would mean "at" in this case.


Does the Indonesian also mean to file maximum complaint or criminal charge? "The judge threw the book at me so i went to jail."


Yours is the very same question I came to the discussion to ask.


Should be translated to: She throws her book at me. bukunya - her book


Halo teman! Both translations could be accepted. The use of the enclitic "-nya" in "bukunya" can mean "the book / the books", but also "her / his / their / book/s".

Selamat belajar! :)


I have the same question asked by RobertEddy: Is the phrase "to throw the book at (somebody)" used only literally in Indonesian, or can it be used as an idiom the way it is used in English to describe a harsh punishment or maximum penalty dealt to someone for wrong-doing?


domestic violence. I laugh because they are scared. great sentences you come up with, duolingo team.


Why is threw not correct iso throw

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