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Non sono cani

I’m hoping someone can help me out! The phrase I was asked to translate was “Non sono cani.” I wrote “They ARE NOT dogs” and was marked wrong (I didn’t use caps, just for emphasis here). The correct answer was “They AREN’T dogs.” Is there really a difference, or a nuance I’m missing?

October 5, 2018



"They are not dogs" is 100% correct.

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Duolingo recently changed approach (on most platforms) to show the best solution instead of the closest to what the user typed. For instance the latest report for that sentence was from someone who typed "the are not dogs": they would have been corrected to "they aren't dogs" simply because that's the "best solution" recorded in the system.


In my own experience, when a word is misspelt and exists in the database, e.g. "the are not dogs", DL marks the answer as wrong, because "the" is understood as a definite article, which shouldn't be there.
Instead, "they afe not dogs" would be marked as a typo, because "afe" is not in the database (clearly a misspelling).


By the way I just accidentally put "1970s" in the sentence "Non siamo negli anni sessanta" and it marked me as correct (green) even though it said the correct answer is 1960s. Either i'm missing something or it's an error.


Are you sure you didn't misspell something else and the "they aren't dogs" just happened to be one of the correct solutions that showed as the answer?


Normally that is the case, but I was so surprised that I check my spelling 5x over.


No you are correct and should report this.

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