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Regular "lätt svenska" posts

Hej allihopa, I'm worried about stagnation in my language learning after 2.5 years of living here in Sweden, while at the same time I'm looking for ways to give back to the Duolingo community (it's a long story but learning Swedish on Duolingo before coming here opened up incredible opportunities for me), and so I was thinking it could be fun if I regularly posted selected stories from Radio på lätt svenska (or possibly other sources) to the forums with commentary on interesting vocabulary/structures, as a way to keep the conversation going and stimulate cooperation between learners. Would people be interested in that? Mvh Spencer

October 5, 2018



That is a great idea :)


That is a great idea. Duo will probably not allow it, however, if the stories are under copyright and published or translated w/o permission.

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Yeah, what slogger said. I think it is a great idea and wouldn't hesitate to jump in and participate, but I'm not sure if Duo will allow that, maybe a chatgroup format will be more plausible for something like this?

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    I would welcome this. I am not actively studying Swedish at the moment but I do some practice a few times a week to keep up what I've learned so far.


    I think this is a great idea. I listen to Radio på lätt svenska every day, so I think reading someone else's comments on the articles and vocabulary would be helpful!!


    Yes, it would be great! Thanks! Tusen tack!

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