"Saya tidak tinggal di Jepang."

Translation:I do not live in Japan.

October 5, 2018

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The audio is unclear...does anyone else have this issue?


Is 'I am not living in Japan' correct as well?


It is correct. Indonesian verbs do not provide tense. The above sentence may be translated as I am not OR I do not OR I have not ... etc. From experience, I have found that most of the time, without providing tense markers (e.g. sudah / senang / etc.) sentences are best translated as present tense. I am yet to hear anyone referring to a past or future event without emphasising these by using tense markers. Having said that, Velonisia's comment provides the preferred way to emphasise present tense


No. We use "sedang" for continuous tense. So "I'm not living in Japan" is "Saya sedang tidak tinggal di Jepang."


I would say, it's correct.

The word 'sedang' is not mandatory for continuous tense.


I wrote : "i'm not staying in japan" why is it incorrect : in google translate it correct.


Your first mistake is using Google Translate. Tinggal is to live somewhere, not stay there

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