"Are these shoes discounted?"


October 5, 2018

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These should be translated as "这些" right? Wouldn't "这双“ be translated as this pair?


For the first question, yes.

For the second question, also yes. However, you can neglect the word "pair" if the context is clear to the listener/reader. For instance,

  • 这双: This pair (no item specified)
  • 这双鞋子: This pair of shoes/shoes (Commonly thought as shoes relatively)


I added an extra 是 in there (这双鞋子是打折吗). Was marked wrong. Is it really?


In English one can inquire about a pair of shoes by asking: “Are these shoes discounted?” or “Is this pair of shoes discounted?”-same meaning. Question for a native speaker of Mandarin here: Can the same comparable grammatical structure be used in Mandarin when inquiring about a pair of shoes? i.e 这鞋子打折吗?If so, this exact translation should be accepted, and it isn't. Second question: Must one always use the unit 'pair' (双) when referring to matching shoes?


“这些鞋子” indicates 'these (pairs) of shoes', for example, pointing to a group of shoes on a shelf


Is it possible to say “這雙鞋子打折不打折?” I was marked wrong for it.

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