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Non-appliciable to the real world examples.

I have a bad feeling that the sentences i practice with are constructed automatically by some algorithm based on dictionary. I really expect more meaningful sentences and texts so i could practice them in everyday life, describing what is happening around.

Maybe this is only my problem, but I really do not have horses eating violet apples, or birds asking dead children about their hats, around me!

Or is this just temporarily, and by advancing through levels I will be able to achieve what I want?

April 1, 2013



I have the same concern. However, I think when you are initially starting, the point of Duolingo is to build vocabulary, not to really check your comprehension of a real-world text. As you progress and you have more vocabulary, Duolingo will probably be able to build more "realistic" sentences for you...

Duolingo, really, should not be your sole source for language learning. You should expose yourself to French audio of authentic dialogue as often as possible. Think in the language, and learn idiomatic phrases that are unique to French.

Duo has a "real-world translation" section where you can read actual French texts that talk about everything from psychology to economics to literature, I assure there are no dogs swimming on blue babies' heads in these sections. Use them if you want a more authentic understanding of the language.

Honestly, Duo is great as an auxillary teaching method, but not as a language teacher. It builds vocabulary, but not much else. I don't even rely on Duo for audio with its voice. Language learning requires immersion and persistence, and Duolingo is not an immersion sort of program. The best you can get out of it is a somewhat coherent reading comprehension...that's all.

Hope this helps. God Bless.


Nothing can build a vocabulary on bare words with no real examples, this can be considered as fact. One cannot compare Duo to Rosetta because of price, but their method is way more efficient(for words).

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