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  5. "Hoje é sábado."

"Hoje é sábado."

Translation:Today is Saturday.

April 1, 2013



Wow, the "é" is completely swallowed in the full-speed "recording". Is this how it would be said by a native speaker, or would there be some whiff of an é or an elongated "eh" sound on the end of "Hoje" at least?


when we pronounce this sentence, the letter "e" is usually swallowed by "é", so we'd say "/Hoj'é sábado/". Sometimes we read this sentence pronouncing double "e" (e/é), but fast, then "e" sounds like "i" ("ee" in english) -- "/Hoji é sábado". Don't forget the linked sound in "Hoji é"


How about, "today is the sabbath?" lol


Sabee de nadaa inocente kkkk

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