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How do I access the lessons for a topic I've mastered?

I "mastered" a topic before I had done all the lessons (by doing a huge translation). Now when I look at that topic I am only offered the chance to "refresh" it, or to do more translations. Is there any way I can access the lessons I didn't do?

As a more general point, I don't think it should be possible to master a topic without either doing all the lessons or passing a test that includes ALL the vocabulary and grammatical concepts introduced in that topic.

July 10, 2012



I was running into the same problem, so I've begun to try to manage my pace through particular lessons. I just successfully got through all the lessons in "Adverbs" before Duolingo had decided that I had "mastered" them based on the translations I was doing. I'm hoping I can get through all the lessons in Verbs 2 and Adjectives in the same way, because I don't want to miss anything.

I think part of the problem is that Duolingo awards far too many points for most translations, and the assignment of points for particular skills can sometimes be especially out of proportion to the skill required. To give a (mostly) made-up example: should I really receive 6 or 7 adverb skill points for once again successfully translating "mucho"?


As with dexedge, I've also learned to pace myself. Though I enjoy the fact that you can gain points within specific topics when translating, I think it might be best if this were only allowed once all of the lessons are completed for that topic. Or, perhaps there could be a 'banking' system where topic points earned by doing translations can be piled on after the lessons are complete allowing you to very quickly master the topic.

Just spit-balling here. At this point, it's really up to the user though: study first, translate later to master the topic. That's my method anyhow.


I've been through most of the lessons this far except for the first section. I discovered then that you can't acces the lessons if you have already mastered the topic. But since then I've been doing all lessons and a lot is just repetition. This is of course not a bad thing but I am quite sure that if you "refresh" you will get the same lessons you would've by doing the lessons one by one in order. Just refresh a couple of times and you will have covered all there is. Also there is the excellent practice option (the bubble) with which you can practice everything you've learned which will include the lessons you've "missed".

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